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For many years CPC has engaged in cooperative exploration with governments, state-owned petroleum companies, and large international oil companies under the name of the Overseas Petroleum and Investment Corp. (OPIC), spreading its operations throughout the Americas, the Asia-Pacific region, and Africa.

With the fluctuations in international oil prices in recent years, CPC has worked strenuously toward the development of upstream exploration in order to secure its own oil sources and enhance its overall performance; and, in line with the government's policy of "deepening the energy supply safety mechanism and promoting international energy cooperation," has constantly engaged in international cooperation in exploration and development in the hope of discovering new reserves of oil and natural gas. In 2010, CPC engaged in cooperative exploration in 18 fields in seven countries together with international oil companies, including Block 16 and 17 in Ecuador; Sanga Sanga, Bulungan, Amborip VI, and Sanga Sanga coal bed methane (CBM) in Indonesia; Gulf of Pane East and Gulf of Paria West in Venezuela (negotiations are in progress in regard to confiscated prospects); Block AC/P21 and NT/ P76 in Australia; Caviar, Manahuilla, Estrella, Garden City Field, and Hurricane Creek (Big Horn, Shorts Creek, Danube, Yellowstone) Blocks in the United States; the Murzuq 162 Block in Libya; and the BOO III/BCS 11/BLT I Blocks in Chad. CPC is preparing to sign an agreement with ConocoPhilips for participation in the Shalimar Block in the U.S., and due diligence has been performed for the Agadem Block in Niger and the matter has been submitted to the Board of Directors for approval.

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